[insert witty title here]

Really more of a screenshot dump than a real post with a lot of text content.
That’s some fine programmer art right there, I got the noise function working (this being a 32^3 chunk of the world just ripped out and displayed on its own, the triangle count is ludicrous because I haven’t implemented greedy meshing yet (because I haven’t implemented texture atlas loading or shader parsing yet, both of which are required to do greedy meshing and more importantly texturing said meshes)

interestingly the scaled octave noise is not significantly slower than raw noise (I expected it to be, but it was surprisingly insignificant compared to the rest of the chunk building), a potential optimization to that would be to generate the noise once per chunk and then just sample it once per block instead of generating samples on the fly per block, although it would spike memory usage and only slightly improve speed since this process is really rather prone to be optimized by the compiler and branch prediction would work very well on it since the algorithm runs thousands of times per chunk.

Anywho, there was something else I wanted to ramble about but I’ve since forgotten what that was merely through the process of writing this post so I’ll just dump this here, apologize for the lack of incoherency and then go to sleep.

… on that matter, I don’t know how featured images work… will it insert the image twice into the post since I already attached it? will it only show on the front page? I don’t know, but I will soon enough (by the time you’re reading this I’ll already know… so this paragraph is rather pointless), either way I won’t bother editing it if the results aren’t as expected.

EDIT: it did what I expected, well you’ll just have to deal with the same image showing up twice.


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