Engine test render

I sorta want meatballs…

I kinda want meatballs… but I lack the required ingredients so here’s some youtube

I don’t have anything to post either so this’ll have to do ๐Ÿ™‚


Right… Posting

Because that’s a thing… that I’ve not done which I should have done but I forgot.

Anyway, what was it I wanted to write again? No idea, I’ll just write whatever my fingers decide to write because I forgot to charge my brain o-o

So I’ve been studying Japanese a bit and animating and programming and doing woodworking and playing kerbal space program and where did time go I can’t even.
Right, Japanese. That’s what I was going to write about (I knew I’d figure it out if I wrote whatever came to mind for long enough).
So I’ve been studying Japanese a bit and I should make it a daily habit to post what I learn here but I forget so oh well.
How does one make music anyway (err… that’s not the topic I was writing about but I can’t even remember exactly what I wanted to say so oh well)? I don’t really know how but I’ll eventually have to figure that out because I have no budget and as such I can’t pay for someone to make music for me, instead I should just focus on programming and art.
Once I have those down I might be able to convince someone to make music for me, if not I’ll just release without music :/

Ooooh and KSP is fun, I launched so many stupid things into space…. most of them came back down and exploded but some things actually went into orbit which is super neat, on another note I really should write a 3D model importer for my voxel engine because I need that, ah well it’s low priority.

What else?
Right, isn’t it funny that whenever you write some complex logic it turns out working flawlessly, just as intended, but when you write stupid simple logic (in this case a simple allocator loop) it ends up having an off by one error or other bug that shouldn’t be but is there anyway… yeah, I don’t know why but it annoys me.
Oh well, I hope my client gets back on soon so I can rig his bloody model, I neeeeeeeeeeeed to earn all the money.

I already don’t even remember what I was here for but oh well, it says this is about the incoherent ramblings of an eccentric madman right at the top so I don’t see an issue with it, it’s really quite exactly what it says right on the tin.
Now… I should probably at least proofread this but I can’t even be bothered, I should find food or maybe I should go play the guitar?
ะฝะตั‚! I should learn to draw or make a dragon or maybe just study more… I’ll just study more, I’m not going to learn Japanese by drawing.


[sticky] I should write something…

Oh right, I’ll just make a sticky post for the top page to welcome people to my humble abode!
There. With that out of the way I can get to rambling about random things (hence the title), I actually rather enjoy fish. I mean it’s not as good as broccoli or minecraft but it’s neat.