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Chocolate is the new gravel

As usual I don’t really have anything to write about so therefore I should write random inchoerent things instead, but I don’t really have anything incoherent to write either so I’ll instead just post a code snippet from my project.

chunk::chunk(int p)
cPosition = p;
//I don’t remember why I’m multiplying by 5 but it works so I’m not touching it.
poteto = core::vector3df(*5,*5,*5 );
t1 = steady_clock::now();
b_blocks = new block**[CHUNKSIZE];
for(int8_t i = 0; i < CHUNKSIZE; i++)
b_blocks[i] = new block*[CHUNKSIZE];
for(int8_t j = 0; j < CHUNKSIZE; j++)
b_blocks[i][j] = new block[CHUNKSIZE];
BlockType BT_T = BT_NULL;
int tst;
for(int x = 1; x < CHUNKSIZE-1; x++)
for(int y = 1; y < CHUNKSIZE-1; y++)
for(int z = 1; z < CHUNKSIZE-1; z++) { //loBound, hiBound, algo (0-3), octaves, persistence, x, y, z, scale b_blocks[x][y][z].setBlock(tGen->chunkGen(0.0f, 2.0f, 2, 6.0f, 10.0f, x, y, z, 1.0f));
// 0.0f, 2.0f, 2, 6.0f, 10.0f, x, y, z, 1.0f yields very weird straight pillars of solid matter with large airgaps.
t2 = steady_clock::now();
time_span = duration_cast<duration>(t2 – t1)*1000;
std::cout << “Time: ” << time_span.count() << “ms” << std::endl;

Whoever can tell me what that code does get’s a free letter ‘a’, mind I already know so no cheating 😉
oooh and that’s actually pretty incoherent and somewhat unprovoked so mission success?

Anyway, back to figuring out how to modulate simplex into something useful, infinite vertical columns is rather useless.
perhaps I should be using scaled octave noise instead of scaled raw noise… or maybe just octave noise? Anywho, here’s a screenshot.


What is the meaning of tater tots, curtains and a chocolate rainbow?

If you didn’t figure it out by now my posts aren’t coherent, proofread or sensical in any way, shape or form (see the title). That doesn’t really matter as this is merely a sorting tool for my disorganized mind (if it can even be called that).

As per protocols here’s another post (in haiku form because why not):

I have naught to write
Except maybe about C++’s SDL.
Oh the pain, my brain!

On another note…
Of all minecraft structures
The best is a road.

I have lost my mind.
Implying I once had one
But that was a lie.

Posting in haiku
It is rather impromptu.
Also pretty hard.

This makes me weary
Why then do I continue?
Beats me, tee hee hee.

That’s really an awful lot of haiku writing (something I haven’t done since fifth grade, mind), the joke got rather boring after a while.
The last one might even be abysmal, who the hell rhymes “Beats me” with “tee hee hee”? (someone who needs to figure out a way to get the last line to 5 syllables while keeping the general theme of the specific haiku, that’s who).

I don’t even know what I should write about anyway, I could rant about why I don’t like SDL but that’s most likely not of interest to anyone and even if it was I don’t really care.
iterators don’t behave.
vectors also misbehave.
Or maybe I’m just an incompetent programmer, either way I’m fed up for today and I should just go to bed instead of writing a blog post at 3:43 am.


[sticky] I should write something…

Oh right, I’ll just make a sticky post for the top page to welcome people to my humble abode!
There. With that out of the way I can get to rambling about random things (hence the title), I actually rather enjoy fish. I mean it’s not as good as broccoli or minecraft but it’s neat.